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Meet Our Team

Bernard Penn


James McPherson

Head Elder

Cornel Taylor

Head Deacon

Dr. Karen Nunez


Yashikra Bishop

Church Clerk


Our Ministries

We encourage you to get involved in one of our ministries!  Whether it is joining community service, teaching sabbath school, or becoming part of a youth group, we want you to find a place to serve and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Education Secretary
Family Ministries
Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Singles Ministry


Nichole Taylor
Felix & Yvette Eleazer

Mercedes Bowman
Rhonda Clark


Personal Ministries        Interest Coordinator     Finance Committee      Religious Liberty

Adult Sabbath School


Tahisha “Nikki” Bishop
Anne Best

Keysha Dumesle

Superintendent- Yvette Jackson
Secretary- Birchie Frett


Community Service
Prison Ministry
Seniors Ministry
Soup Kitchen


Frank Mascoll 
Dr. Stephen Fortune
Michelle Grace
Carolyn Nobles
Bro Thorpe
Cornel Taylor
Johnnie Nobles
Annette Campbell


Audio Visual
Music Ministry


Leighton Ford
Dr. Judy Brangman


Children’s Ministry
Youth Ministries Coordinator(AYS)
Young Adult Ministry


Nicole Harper
Tionya Shivers
Knatarsha “Nikki” Allen
Knatarsha “Nikki” Allen
Marcia Collins 


Health Ministry


About Us

Our Core Values

We value a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and we are committed to seeking God in prayer and the study of the written Word of God, both corporately as a congregation and individually as sons and daughters of God.

We value the Message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and we are committed to preaching and teaching the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ, calling men and women from every nation, kindred, tongue and people into this marvelous light and preparing them for the second coming of Christ.

We value the participation of every member and we are committed to the involvement of the entire body of Christ through inclusive and creative ministry.

We value humility in service and we are committed to serving one another with all meekness and selflessness realizing that the spirit of service is as important if not more so than the ministry itself

We value intentional excellence in all areas of church ministry and we are committed to giving God our best in both ministry planning and comprehensive church maintenance.

We value generational ministry and we are committed to unity across generational lines, valuing the experience and foundation set by the older generation and the energy and innovation of the younger

We value an evangelistic culture and we are committed to creating an environment that will encourage decisions for Christ in everything that we do, making lasting disciples of men, women and children through every ministry and worship experience

We value inspirational worship and we are committed to planning an intentionally Christ-centered, Holy Spirit saturated, evangelistic and relevant experience for the seeker

We value active church community outreach and we are committed to providing services that will meet the real needs of the people and families of our community.

What we believe

Fundamental Beliefs

We are a Seventh-Day Adventist congregation. Here are the Seventh-Day Adventist Church 28 Fundamental Beliefs

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