Adventist Youth Society


Our Mission

To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to discipleship.

Our Motto

The love of Christ compels us.

Our Aim

The Advent Message to the entire world in my generation.

The Adventist Youth Society  is a global movement of destiny, united in purpose and mission, yet diverse in culture, language, geography, economy, and heritage. It is through the power of Christ and His Spirit that we can celebrate our unity in the midst of such diversity. In a world of ethnic and national divide, this exquisite expression of unity in Jesus is the most powerful expression of the reality of the gospel in the midst of God’s people and especially to our children.

Immanuel Temple’s AYS ministry seeks to bring all generations together to witness and participate in youth focused worship so that young people understand they are a part of the family of God.  They are nurtured to grow their relationship in Christ, learn to serve, and then share Christ with others.  We strive to do this through various programs, activities and events for our youth. Our desire is to equip the youth of the church to be leaders and workers in the community and develop a greater and deeper understanding and relationship with Christ.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information about our AYS Department, please contact Ashley Sims at, or call our church office at 919.973.1638. Please note church office hours under Contact Us.